Welcome to the website www.printoriginal.comand all its divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates and internet sites, which offer you access to the website and sell products under the terms and conditions established therein. , please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the website, since upon entering our site you confirm your understanding with them, if you do not accept these terms and conditions of use, you will not be able to use this site.

The present terms and conditions regulate the use of the website www.printoriginal.comof which Garza Noble y Asociados, SA de CV, is the owner, which is a Public Limited Company of Variable Capital. Through its website Garza Noble y Asociados, SA de CV, offers goods, offering its users and subscribers the possibility of their acquisition, due to the content and purpose of the website, people who want to benefit of their services must subscribe, which is done through the filling of the registration form and following the steps that will be communicated to them by means of electronic mail for such effects, the condition of subscriber supposes the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use.

Once the registration form is completed, the subscriber of the site will receive an access password, the subscriber will be solely responsible for keeping the password provided and as well as other identifiers of secure accounts, the account holder is fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password or account, on the other hand, you must notify us of any unauthorized use of your password or account, in any way, we will be liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the lack of compliance with this condition.

Garza Noble y Asociados, SA de CV, reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete parts of these terms and conditions of use at any time, the changes will be effective when posted on the site, by Please periodically check the updates of these terms and conditions of use, since you will have to accept the changes made in order to continue accessing the site and continue buying products.


In order to use the site youmust be 18 years old or if you are accessing under the supervision and consent of your parents, who has the legal exercise of parental authority, custody and custody or legal guardian if it is the case. Each user can only own 1 (one) account on the site andcan not access more than 1 (one) account on the website with different email addresses or falsifying, modifying and / or altering their personal data in any way possible. If a fraudulent and / or malicious and / or contrary to these Terms and Conditions and / or contrary to good faith is verified or suspected, Garza Noble y Asociados, SA de CV, will have the unappealable right to terminate the relationship, to cancel the accounts and even collaborate judicially to prosecute the offenders. By accepting these terms and conditions we grant you a non-transferable and revocable license to use our site, under the terms and conditions described and accepted, for the purpose of purchasing items offered on our site.

The commercial use or the name of third parties are prohibited, except as expressly permitted by us in advance, any breach of these terms and conditions will result in the immediate revocation of the license granted in this section, without prior notice.

Certain services and related features, which may be available on the site, may require registration or subscription, if you decide to register or subscribe to any of these services or related functions, you agree to provide accurate information and updated about yourself, to quickly update that information if there is any change.


During the registration process, you agree to receive promotional emails from the site, however, later, you can choose not to receive such promotional emails by clicking on the link at the bottom of any email promotional Also, during the registration process you expressly authorize us to make phone calls and send text messages for marketing purposes, however, at all times you have the right to revoke this consent by sending an email to info@printoriginal.comwhere we manifest Express your desire not to continue receiving phone calls or sending text messages from our marketing team.

The foregoing in accordance with the Federal Law of Consumer Protection, as well as the Agreement establishing the rules of operation and operation of the Public Registry of Consumers.


Any communication sent to the website, including but not limited to, questions, criticisms, comments, suggestions will become our sole and exclusive property and will not be returned, unless there is a court order , also when you send comments or criticism to the site, you also grant us the right to use the name you send, in the framework of such review, comment, or any other content, finally, it should be mentioned that, you should not use an address of false email, that is, pretend to be someone who is not.

They will also be our property and will not be returned unless judicial order, the data that subscribers send to the website, to register various accounts in order to be benefited with the promotions of new subscribers, these accounts will be canceled and immediately withdrawn, any benefit or promotion that has been attempted to be redeemed will be canceled and the subscriber who has tried to obtain the benefit, you can revoke the license that was granted at the time of subscription, proceeding to cancel any order products that he would have made, without any responsibility on our part.


There are cases in which a purchase order may not be processed due to circumstances beyond our control and which can not be foreseen, circumstances in which the force majeure or fortuitous event occurs, in that sense,, inform the client immediately why it was not possible to process an order, returning any amount charged to the subscriber, making it clear that in this process you can request additional information to complete the refund process.

It also refers that all products offered on the site, are subject to availability and are offered to our subscribers while supplies last, so it may be the case that the same product can be purchased by several customers to the Once and at the end of the sale process, the product is no longer available because it has been used up, even when it appears on the website, in which case will be informed the subscriber of such situation, proceeding to the reimbursement of any amount paid for the product purchased if it is the case or you will be notified of the impossibility of processing the purchase order.

For reimbursement of a purchase order, you must choose a single means of reimbursement through which to make the money back, either through a bank transfer or reversion of payment to the credit card. Likewise, once the reimbursement has been made, the subscribers must send to PrintOriginal the voucher of the refund delivered by the respective bank or any documentation that proves that said reimbursement was made effective. This documentation should be sent to the email Some products offered on the site www.printoriginal.commay be subject in addition to these terms and conditions, to particular conditions of sale, which may be consulted by the subscriber along with the description of the product, it is necessary that all subscribers verify the particular conditions of sale of these products, before making your purchase, in order to ascertain the terms, conditions and restrictions that may apply in a particular way.

The subscriber before the purchase of the product, must accept the particular conditions of sale, being the case that the present terms and general conditions may be added, limited or modified depending on the particular conditions of sale of the product in question, in case of conflict or contradiction in the present terms and conditions and the particular conditions of sale, the latter will prevail over the former, consequently the subscriber must read with attention in addition to the present terms and conditions, the particular conditions of sale, which they will be accepted at the moment the subscriber proceeds to the purchase of the product.

All sales offers, communications, requests for information among others, are made through the site, my represented will not be responsible for communications that are sent outside this site, nor will be responsible for cash deposits, transfers or payments by credit cards made by subscribers to accounts other than those authorized in the purchase of products, referring that deposit requests are never made to private accounts.


The data provided by the client are protected according to our privacy notice.


The guarantee of the products will be provided directly by the manufacturers or distributors of the same, the duration of said guarantees is clearly indicated in the description of each product and is issued and validated by the manufacturer or distributor of each product, by What Garza Noble y Asociados, SA de CV., does not assume any responsibility for said guarantees and the subscriber is obliged to contact directly the supplier or manufacturer of the Product in question to make said guarantee effective.

Along with the product purchased the subscriber will receive a user manual, where the instructions for the correct use and installation of the purchased product appear, as well as all the warranty information that the manufacturer has conferred, no subscriber may request a wider warranty of which there is indicated.

Garza Noble y Asociados, SA de CV, will not be responsible for the guarantees granted by the manufacturers or distributors of the products, but will carry out all pending actions to provide the subscribers who so request the contact data of said service.

Some products have a guarantee that will be provided directly by Garza Noble y Asociados, SA de CV, the particular terms and conditions, as well as the temporality of the same, will be announced to the subscribers along with the description of the products that will apply such guarantees.


Subscribers who purchase products may request their invoice at the time of making the purchase, if not requested will have 5 calendar days to request it.


For the interpretation and compliance of these terms and conditions, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the City of Mexico expressly waived any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them because of their present or future domiciles.




In our commitment to respect and protect the intellectual property rights of both our suppliers and third parties, we have implemented this new space for that you can report products that are sold through our page and that you consider are infringing rights Intellectual Property legally protected.


The purpose of this initiative is to allow holders of intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks, patents, among others) to notify PrintOriginal if they believe their rights are being violated by the sale of any or all of the products that are being sold. offer on the portal. In this way, PrintOriginal will proceed to study each case to determine if the products should be downloaded from the portal because they do not have the required authorizations, or if they are not infringing the rights of third parties.


Any natural or legal person that owns an intellectual property right may submit the claim when it considers that, with the sale of any product offered through our website, a right is being violated. In the case of legal persons, this claim must be filed by his legal representative or whoever he authorizes by written document.


To be able to make the claim, it must be accredited to PrintOriginal the ownership of Intellectual Property Rights that are presumed violated. In order to corroborate the above, you must send a copy of the following documents to the email:

     Form of claim, duly completed and signed by the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights or by his legal representative. 

     To fill out the form, you must state what are the products or publications that allegedly violate the rights.

     Authorization of the holder of the rights, in case the person who interposes the claim is not the owner.

     Documents accrediting the ownership of Intellectual Property Rights, which have been registered in the country in which the alleged infringement is filed.

Records of registration procedures in progress will not be taken into account.

Once we receive the claim, we will proceed to process the investigation, review the documents provided and we will ask whoever markets the products subject to the alleged infringement, to provide us with the relevant evidence to verify that intellectual property rights are not being violated. of third parties.

If the claim is not appropriate, a letter will be sent to the email, informing the reasons for this decision. If, on the contrary, PrintOriginal manages to verify that the products and publications infringe rights of third parties, we will remove them from our page.


We believe that before making the claim, read the following information that will help you identify some cases in which you are not facing an infraction.

Intellectual property rights are not absolute, and therefore have certain limitations in their exercise. One of these limitations is generated by the figure of exhaustion, which implies that the exclusive right held by the owner of one of these rights ends at the moment he introduces or allows a third party to enter his products on the market.

Thus, once the first commercialization of a product is made, these may be subject to subsequent commercialization acts, such as resale, rent, loan or other forms of commercial use, without the original holder of the rights preventing it. That is why this limitation is also called "the doctrine of the first sale", since the rights of commercial exploitation of a product are terminated with the first sale.

It is important that the above be taken into account, because unless the country's legislation specifically provides otherwise, if you own an intellectual property right, it will be limited by exhaustion.


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All products are subject to availability. The images of the banners are illustrative. These legal cover all publications made in all media.


All promotions are not cumulative with other promotions. They apply until stocks last and are restricted to one per person.



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